About us:

How it started:

Helsinki Think Tank started as a idea over 20 years ago
by a former chief of Press and Culture, Ministry of
Foreign Affairs Helsinki Finland.

Helsinki Think Tank became a registered society 19.09.2013.

Registration number:  211.088
This think tank is closed and works by invitation only.

Main objectives of the HTT is:

To promote discussions / activities related to western
cultural values.

Helsinki Think Tank is an independent  non  profit organisation 
that does not accept contributions from the U.S. EU or any foreign 
government, charities, official or quasi-official institutions.

HTT  is dedicated to exposing and monitoring threats to 
Western Cultural freedoms and its national security from within 
and without. We provide knowledge based analysis and risk 
assessment in articles, white papers, blog, on and off-the-record 
specialized briefings and strategic relations supporting western 
values like: Off curtain diplomatic meetings - women rights etc…

We identify strategies used by radical regimes and movements
to subvert Western cultural values, constitutional rights and political 
and economic systems. 

Our threat-con (threat readiness condition) observations examines 
the vulnerability on our Western society when culture is replaced with 
politically party so called correct changes.

We study the impact of such threats to western civilian infrastructure, 
including the electric grid, communication, financial markets, 
banking industries, economy and Western  security. 

We also draft new policies to address these problems and look for 
news methods to counter them. 

How we work:
HTT is also the worlds first online world-wide in real time functioning think tank.
Helsinki Think Tank proudly uses today´s technology to reduce costs to 
a minimum. Our daily work takes place in cyberspace entirely via online 
conferences and meetings.  Saving 90% of the unnecessary costs spent 
by other Think Tanks.  
We at Helsinki Think Tank are a living the example that its 
possible to work as a large world wide team globally in real-time,
 on a day to day basis. 

Michael Hulden 

Contact: diplomaticinfo@gmail.com

 © Michael Hulden